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These articles and videos are created by different industry experts within The Change Space community. They are designed to educate, inspire and share specialist knowledge that you can apply to your own business or life.

Health & Wellbeing

by Caroline Mills

5 ways to increase your Self-Awareness

To be self-aware is to have a clear understanding of who you are, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and it allows...

Change Management

by Caroline Mills

Methodologies – Friends or Foe

In this new way of working we are being forced to think outside our comfort zone. We have had a few years where methodologies have been the ‘be all...

People & Culture

by Caroline Mills

Naptime at Ikea? How good is your cultural sensitivity?

Reading an article in the New York Times over the weekend I started thinking about how important it is when implementing change to truly understand...

Business Strategy & Design


Visual branding for the 'Micro' business

The definition of a ‘small business’ has traditionally agreed to be an organisation with 1-50 employees. With rise of the start-up culture the number...

People & Culture

by Caroline Mills

Why Gender Equality In The Workplace is a Cultural Change Issue

Gender inequality is not a new issue and whilst in Australia we have come on leaps and bounds, there is still a large gap to bridge. However, it is...

Organisational Resilience

by Caroline Mills

Top 4 ways to enhance your organisation's resilience

All businesses face some level of risk and there are many factors outside of our control. Ensuring your company can adapt to different situations...


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