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These articles and videos are created by different industry experts within The Change Space community. They are designed to educate, inspire and share specialist knowledge that you can apply to your own business or life.

Leadership Development


Communicating with Empathy - Template for Successful Conversations

Prior to having a scheduled conversation with a colleague, line manager or team members it is good practice to mentally prepare for the discussion.

Health & Wellbeing

by Caroline Mills

Change and Transition in Times of Uncertainty

Learn strategies to be able to effectively adapt to the changes you are facing and how to manage your wellbeing during the transition process.

Learning & Development

by Clare Davy

Making Learning a Part of Everyday Life

How can we be open to learning opportunities as we go about our day? How can we consciously make learning part of our day-to-day work?

Health & Wellbeing

by Gordan Stokes

The Power of Reflection

Reflection or reflective thinking is a way to pause and to review what you have done and to put it into perspective. 

Health & Wellbeing

by Clare Davy

Holiday Activities for Kids

Here is a range of fun school holiday activities for children to keep them busy and engaged.

Health & Wellbeing

by Sharon Grogan

Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Resilience is what gives you the psychological strength to cope with stressful and challenging times, allowing you to ‘bounce back’ from adversity.

Health & Wellbeing

by Clare Davy

Self-care during the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, we are likely to be socialising more, eating and drinking more, sleeping less, and making less time for self-care...

Change Management

by Clare Davy

Map Your Team on the Change Curve

This article provides a simple description of the stages of the Change Curve and an approach to coaching your team members through the stages.

Health & Wellbeing

by Sharon Grogan

Your Wellbeing - Understanding Sleep

Sleep has an enormous impact on our health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Learn about the benefits of good quality sleep and essential strategies...

People & Culture

by Clare Davy

International Day for Tolerance

Tolerance is about celebrating what makes us similar and learning to recognise, accept and respect our differences.


by Clare Davy

Active Listening

Active listening is a skill that can be acquired and developed with practise. Pick up some ways to practise active listening.

Leadership Development

by Sarah Dunn

Why Collective Leadership is so important and how to apply it to a Distributed Workforce

How do we create a sense of team identity, foster both the well-being and the productivity of our people over what will be the long term future of...


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