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Jack Harrison

IT & Administration Support


9th August 2023, 11:59am

Post: Transitions through Change - Exploring the Change Curve (Webinars)

The Change Curve is a popular and powerful model used to understand the stages o... view

9th August 2023, 11:58am

Post: Communication Styles - Part 2: The Power of Communication (Webinars)

Learn all about the different styles we have when we communicate and others comm... view

9th August 2023, 11:55am

Post: Communication Styles - Part 1: Understanding your Communication Style (Webinars)

How we interact with others greatly impacts our success throughout our lives. Ga... view

9th August 2023, 11:51am

Post: Change Management Models (Webinars)

Learn about various Change Management models and approaches that have been effec... view

9th August 2023, 11:49am

Post: Target Operating Model - Part 3: Bringing it all together (Webinars)

This three-part series teaches the practical applications of using Target Operat... view

9th August 2023, 11:47am

Post: Digital Transformation Fundamentals (Webinars)

Tune in to this webinar to learn about the fundamentals required for any major t... view

9th August 2023, 11:44am

Post: Target Operating Model - Part 2: Creating a Target Operating Model (Webinars)

This three-part series teaches the practical applications of using Target Operat... view

9th August 2023, 11:42am

Post: Completing a Stakeholder Matrix (Webinars)

Join Tracey Penington as she talks through stakeholder assessment and mapping an... view

9th August 2023, 11:39am

Post: Target Operating Model - Part 1: Understanding the Elements of an Operating Model (Webinars)

Join this webinar where Tracey and Caroline discuss what a target operating mode... view

30th June 2023, 08:59am

Post: Practising Deliberate Calm in Times of Uncertainty (Articles)


16th June 2023, 10:38am

Post: Mastering Assertiveness (Articles)


10th June 2023, 09:24am

Post: Developing your Team Brand (Articles)


30th May 2023, 09:08am

Post: Delivering What Matters (Articles)


24th March 2021, 11:11am

Post: Guided Meditation (Webinars)

Tune in to this meditation to be guided into a state of relaxation. Practising r... view

7th October 2020, 11:09am

Post: Deeply Digital – Speed Capital (Webinars)

With an extensive background in banking and technology, join us in this thought... view

30th September 2020, 06:03pm

Post: Leading during times of uncertainty: A Leader's Perspective (Webinars)

Join Nicole Chung, Head of Capability within ANZ,  as she provides insights... view

17th September 2020, 03:33pm

Post: Happiness and Having a Mindset of Gratitude (Webinars)

According to Harvard Health, in positive psychology research, gratitude is "stro... view

17th September 2020, 03:27pm

Post: Your Wellbeing - Understanding Sleep (Webinars)

Sleep has an enormous impact on our health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Join... view

17th September 2020, 03:22pm

Post: Building Resilience in Challenging Times (Webinars)

Many of us are currently feeling as though our ‘mental reservoir of strength’ is... view

17th September 2020, 03:17pm

Post: The importance of self-care during the pandemic: Developing a self-care plan (Webinars)

Tune in to this webinar to hear some practical ways to stay connected and practi... view