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Covering a broad range of topics for Business Development, Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing.

The Change Space are excited to bring you industry experts from our community to share their knowledge through webinars, workshops and events. A broad range of topics are covered, including organisational change, various business topics, neuroscience and mindset, business strategy, happiness, health & wellbeing plus much more! 

Programs, courses & workshops

Change Management

Wed. 17 April 2024

Change Impact Assessment 1-Day Program (Virtual)

Join Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington as they cover a proven approach to carrying out impact assessments.

Wed. 10 July 2024

Target Operating Model 1-Day Program (Virtual)

Learn everything you need to know about Target Operating Models in this 1-day program with Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington.

Tues. 6 August-Thurs. 8 August 2024

Transformation Specialist 3-Day Course

Take your career and organisation to new heights. Join us for Transformation Specialist - Define, Design and Deliver Transformative Change.

Change Management

Wed. 28 August 2024

Change Impact Assessment 1-Day Workshop

Join Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington as they cover a proven approach to carrying out impact assessments.

Complimentary events - free!

Thurs. 7 March 2024

Communication Styles in the World of Change and Transformation (Virtual)

Communication is the heartbeat of successful change and transformation initiatives.

Wed. 27 March 2024

Building Change Ready Organisations (Virtual)

In today's dynamic landscape, adaptability is the cornerstone of success. Explore the significance of being change ready!

Project Management

Wed. 24 April 2024

Project Management meets Change Management (Virtual)

In the landscape of project management, there is one crucial element that takes the spotlight - change.

Wed. 15th May 2024

AI and the Future of Change Management (Virtual)

The transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniable in the change and transformation world.

Wed. 5 June 2024

Tackling Change Fatigue (Virtual)

Equip yourself and your team to overcome change fatigue effectively.

Wed. 26 June 2024

Navigating Stakeholder Complexity (Virtual)

With the right strategies, you can turn stakeholder complexities into opportunities for growth.

Wed. 24 July 2024

Elevate your Change Game - Presentation Strategies for Change Professionals (Virtual)

If you are a seasoned professional or new to change management, this session will help you enhance your preparation and presentation skills...

Change capability

Wed. 14 August 2024

The Skillset & Capability of Transformative Change Practitioners (Virtual)

Vital to the success of organisational transformation is the presence of highly skilled transformative change practitioners.