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Covering a broad range of topics for Business Development, Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing.

The Change Space are excited to bring you industry experts from our community to share their knowledge through webinars, workshops and events. A broad range of topics are covered, including organisational change, various business topics, neuroscience and mindset, business strategy, happiness, health & wellbeing plus much more! 

Programs, courses & workshops

Change Management

Wed. 5 April 2023

Change Impact Assessment 1-Day Program (Virtual)

Join Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington as they cover a proven approach to carrying out impact assessments.

Tues. 18 July-Thurs. 20 July 2023

Transformation Specialist 3-Day Program

Take your career and organisation to new heights. Join us for Transformation Specialist - Define, Design and Deliver, Transformative Change...

Wed. 10 May 2023

Target Operating Model 1-Day Program (Virtual)

Learn everything you need to know about Target Operating Models in this 1-day program with Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington.

Tues. 23 May-Thurs. 25 May 2023

Change Professional 3-Day Program

Want to take your career and organisation to new heights? Join us for the Change Professional 3-Day Program.

Tues. 3 October-Thurs. 5 October 2023

Transformation Specialist 3-Day Program

Take your career and organisation to new heights - join us for the Transformation Specialist 3-Day Program.

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People & Culture

Wed. 26 April 2023

Keeping up with the Changing Workforce (Virtual)

The modern workforce is incredibly diverse, with five generations represented and Millennials set to become the dominant demographic by...

Change Management

Wed. 17 May 2023

What's happening in the Change Management Market? (Virtual)

Discover valuable insights into the latest trends and developments shaping the change management landscape in 2023.