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Change Management for Project Managers

Change Management

It is a well-established view that project management and change management complement each other, each playing a critical role in the success of a business transformation.

In essence, project management focuses on delivering predefined objectives and goals within a specific timeframe and budget, while change management focuses on identifying, analysing and planning for the organisational change.

The importance of change management in identifying and anticipating potential risks and impacts on the organisation as a result of the project enables the project managers to prepare and effectively manage these impacts and any resistance to change. Likewise, project management is essential in change management as it provides the structure and process to implement the changes identified by change management.

We see many project managers who have enhanced their skills with change management training and experience, making them valuable resources for transformational projects. Successful business change is achieved when a project's people, process and technology aspects are planned and managed well into the "embedding" stage. This requires a combination of talents and skills.

There are several benefits that project managers can gain from having experience in change management

Better risk management

Change management involves identifying the potential challenges and risks that may arise from implementing the project. With change experience, these risks can be better anticipated and managed.

Improved stakeholder management

Change management emphasises the importance of involving stakeholders, reducing conflict and increasing stakeholder buy-in.

Improved communication

Increasing the effectiveness of communicating project goals, requirements and progress to stakeholders.

Enhanced leadership skills

Change management involves leading teams and individuals through complex transformations, better equipping the project manager to motivate and guide through challenging situations.

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