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How our Subconscious Mind influences our Conscious Mind

Health & Wellbeing

"The conscious mind determines the actions, the unconscious mind determines the reactions; and the reactions are just as important as the actions" - E. Stanley Jones


According to Freud, our unconscious mind affects our behaviour and experience, even though we are unaware of these underlying influences. These influences begin in our childhood and can cause detrimental effects in our adult lives unless checked by our conscious minds.

Our subconscious mind works much faster than our conscious mind; for instance, we breathe, blink and yawn without deciding to do so.

Then there are the reactions to sounds, views, smells etc. Our immediate reaction to a new acquaintance – are they attractive to us? Are they repulsive?

Daydreaming is subconscious and, for the most part, entertains us.

 Our subconscious is formed from our memories and experiences. These memories and experiences determine our adult behaviour and our conscious mind is fed information from our subconscious whether we realise it or not, and is what provides us with the significance in all our communications with the world.

Our mind subconsciously notices negativity. Both positive and negative thinking comes from self-talk and our conscious mind gives us the ability to focus on one or the other. If we want to have a happy and successful life we must focus on positive self-talk.

This helps you to learn methods to rewire your conscious mind to think positively. Don’t allow the conscious to work against you. If you’re able to think positively and let go of the negative thoughts, you will learn to unlock your mind power to attract good relationships, prosperity and success. Remember The Secret? The book that swept the world a few years ago.  Many people read the book and realised they were already living this secret. Many others read it and just didn’t ‘get it’.

In a nutshell, gaining self-control and using the positive self-talking process to rewire your mind is possible, and takes only a few steps. You will need to develop this positive thinking attitude to get started with each step.

Step One

Face your anxieties. When you feel threatened by success or fear of failure, face it head on. Explore it from all angles. Find out why you are thinking these anxious thoughts and once they come into the light it’s easier to deal with them.

Step Two

Be willing to learn something new. In fact, not only willing but actively pursue new information.  

Step Three

Embrace change. Change is good. We have change in our lives every day, whether it is in our best interests or not. Fighting against change just because it IS change does you no good. For instance, does your attitude hinder you from unlocking your mind power to attract good relationships, prosperity and success? If it does, change your attitude, develop a New You and begin your journey to success. You do this by exploring YOU from all angles.

Step Four

Acquire organisation skills. Organise your thoughts, your home, your office, etc. This will help you manage your life successfully. Learn to categorise. Categorise your thoughts daily and challenge any negative thoughts that hinder you from learning something new.

Step Five

Rather than beating yourself up, acknowledge all your good points and if you can’t change your bad points, then you must accept them.

You will soon see a difference in your attitude, and in your life.

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