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SisterWorks - an organisation doing good!

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21 June 2018
People & Culture

Keywords: non-profit social enterprise, women's empowerment, community engagement, culture, entrepreneurship

The act of giving is demonstrated in many ways, not only wrapped up in gifts, it is in the work we do, the donations we make, and the knowledge we share.  This is a great time to acknowledge and reflect on those many organisations who work hard to give back to the community and improve the lives of those disadvantaged members of our community.   And one such organisation is SisterWorks, a non-profit social enterprise that supports women of migrant, asylum seeker or refugee backgrounds to develop handmade food or craft products in order to become financially independent and happily settled in Australia.

Women with migrant, asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds are the community's most vulnerable and disadvantaged newcomers. They face social isolation, domestic violence, long-term unemployment and are often dependent on government welfare.  SisterWork’s mission is to support these women in taking their first steps towards employment so they can ultimately empower themselves and overcome the barriers they face in seeking meaningful employment.   They firmly believe that ‘Work Empowers Women’. Therefore, rather than becoming beneficiaries the women become our business partners, and together we develop and sell marketable products with 50-75% of the profits going to them and the remainder going back into the organisation for reinvestment. Through this approach, they believe we can work together to create a better future for Australian society.

SisterWorks evolved from a group founded by Luz Restrepo, a political refugee from Colombia. Luz arrived in Australia in 2010 with her life in tatters and spoke no English.  "I felt like a nobody; frightened, isolated and disempowered."  She soon discovered that she was not alone. Along with a group of 25 women experiencing similar challenges, she began to make and sell crafts around Melbourne. They understood that to support each other is also to strengthen each other.  SisterWorks Inc. was born in May 2013 when a committee of volunteers joined them with legal, fund-raising, marketing and administrative skills to give support and structure to the project. Today, SisterWorks Inc. is a grassroots social enterprise based in Greater Melbourne and Luz is the Executive Officer and main voice of the organisation. 

The organisation thrives on the help and support of others, individuals and other businesses.  There are many ways we can support an organisation like SisterWorks – through donations to help support their business operations, or by committing to and volunteering your time, or through purchasing products crafted and made with love by their entrepreneurs.

If you would like to show your support in the way of a monetary donation go here

If you would like to support through volunteering go here

If you would like to visit their online store go here to check out their range of handcrafted products.

Supporting an organisation, such as, SisterWorks, is a great way to give back to the community.


Source: Sisterworks

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