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The Perfect Gift

Post date: 
18 December 2018
People & Culture

The festive season is a time when we all can end up experiencing unnecessary stress due the enormous pressure we place on ourselves to create the perfect Christmas experience.  We look at magazine spreads showing the perfect Christmas lunch and Instagram posts with perfectly wrapped presents.  Finding the perfect gift for those we love can be time consuming and very stressful.  How can we remove some of the stress when buying gifts for our loved ones?

Following some of our tips may help ease the stress out of something that should bring joy and happiness.

 1. Make a list and check it twice

This works for Santa, and should work for you! Write down all the people you are buying gifts for, your budget and where you will be making the purchase.

2. Start early and avoid peak times

Avoid the shopping mall chaos by starting your Christmas shopping early or by avoiding those peak times.  If you must go to mall pre-plan and coordinate your trip.  Use your list to plan accordingly and reduce stress.

3. Buy online

Online shopping is convenient, reduces those impulse “stocking filler” purchases, and the presents arrive right at your doorstep. And some online stores offer gift wrapping service…. free of charge!!

4. Buy gift cards

You might think this is impersonal, but you can personalise the gift with a hand-written card.  Gift cards take away the worry and stress of not buying the ‘right’ present by allowing the recipient to choose something for themselves. 

5. Make or bake a gift

Making or baking a gift has a two-fold benefit.  First, engaging in an activity that allows you to create something helps to reduce stress.  Getting those creativity juices flowing brings about a state of calm and peacefulness by focusing on the task at hand.  And how wonderful to be able to give a gift to a loved one that you made yourself.

6. Make gift donations

Many charities allow you to make donations on behalf of someone else as a gift.  Organisations and charities such as World Visions Australia, UNICEF, Headspace, Oxfam and so on.  They are usually packaged in such a way that the recipient receives a card stating they have made a donation that has provided clean water to a family, for example. What a wonderful way to give back this festive season!

Hopefully some of these tips will help reduce the stress around gift buying this holiday season.  And remember the most important gift of all is the quality time we get to spend with our loved ones. 

Happy holidays!

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