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We all have Biases

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01 November 2019
People & Culture

We all have biases and they impact our relationships

Unconscious biases are our thought patterns. We all have unconscious biases which are learned over our lifetime.

Think about this - you are walking home from work on a dark rainy night and a stranger is walking in the opposite direction towards you – from past experiences you may have had, you start judging the appearance of the stranger – are you bothered by their presence?

At work - You may consciously think that men and women are both effective in leadership. But as a female you think female leaders are more empathetic than males.

Unfortunately, these biases have a negative impact on the way we perceive others.  Everyday at work, home or walking on the beach we make snap judgements about others all the time. This can impact on building relationships and engaging with others.

Here are some tips to start managing and being aware of your biases:

Do a Check In:

Often, our first clue that you are experiencing unconscious bias is a shift in how we feel. If you “just had a good feeling” about the other person or a “bad feeling” about another, take note. Check in and simply observe how you’re feeling. What are those feelings you are experiencing and how might they help or hinder when you interact?

Challenge your first thought

Is this true about the person you are interacting with? Is this belief still relevant? Why do you react this way and when do you react this way?

Take up the commitment

Try thinking and behaving differently – you may want to say to yourself STOP as soon as you subconsciously think about biases.  You are not going to build lasting relationships if you stay in the bias space.

Change for the good

We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. Once you acknowledge the bias… you can then change your thoughts and behaviours and ultimately your attitude and thoughts about others.

Take up the challenge and manage your biases to build lasting relationships with others.


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