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Social Connections Reflection Activity

Health & Wellbeing

Connections we have with family, friends, colleagues and our community provide us with happiness, support and a sense of purpose. Having strong connections with others is important for our overall wellbeing. If you feel lonely or disconnected and would like to make a change, reflecting on your current connections is a good place to start.

Use these questions as a guide to reflect on your current social connections.

Family and friends

  • How often do you spend time with friends or family?
  • This can include more formal get-togethers such as eating out or special events. Or more informal time spent relaxing together at home.

Chatting with others

  • How often do you talk to friends and family on the phone?
  • Do you acknowledge or say hello to strangers as you pass them by on the street or in the supermarket?
  • Do you engage in general conversations with colleagues?

Activities and interests

  • Do you belong to any formal or informal interest groups?
  • These can include fitness, hobby, cultural and social groups.

Volunteering and helping out

  • How often do you do something to help someone? For example, helping a friend move house or cooking for a sick family member.
  • Do you engage in more formal volunteering arrangements?

Community and local events

  • How often do you attend community events?
  • These events can include sporting events, local markets, music and art festivals and other cultural events. 

When we regularly participate in a combination of these activities, we feel a deeper sense of connection to our family, friends and community.

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