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Self-Reflection Exercise

Health & Wellbeing

You’ll need paper and a pen.

  1. Write down each of the statements below and give yourself a rating from 0 to 10.  0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. 
  2. Now write down where you would like to rate against each of these statements.
  3. For each statement, write an action (or actions) that you will take to improve the rating.
  4. Have fun

Caring for myself statements

  • I have great work-life balance
  • I regularly take time out for me
  • I can easily relax
  • I sleep well at night
  • I eat a balanced and nutritional diet
  • I take care of my physical wellbeing
  • I take care of my mental wellbeing
  • I am constantly aware of my emotional state
  • My work environment helps me be successful
  • I feel valued for what I do
  • I am constantly learning new things
  • My health is a priority to me
  • I ensure I drink plenty of water everyday
  • I feel in control of my personal finances
  • I have friends and family I can confide in

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