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Self-Care 7 Day Activity

Post date: 
22 January 2020
Health & Wellbeing

Below are a set of self-care actions to be completed over seven days. The purpose is to start focusing on implementing at least one self-care activity into your daily routine.

This list is a guide – feel free to modify to suit your own needs.  Have fun!

Don’t stop at Day 7 – create your own list of self-care activities.  Try to do one thing every day that nurtures your overall wellbeing.

Day 1

Take a moment to unwind – go for a walk, take a long bath or read a book

Day 2

Dance like no one is watching! Put on an upbeat song and dance, dance, dance!

Day 3

Become a masterchef and cook a new dish! Find the recipe, buy the ingredients and get cooking.

Day 4

Try meditating for 5 minutes. Or just sit focusing on your breath. Enjoy the stillness and quiet space you create in your mind.

Day 5

Connect and reach out! Phone a friend!

Day 6

Be grateful! Write down three things you are grateful for and why.

Day 7

Immerse yourself in nature – go for a walk or do some gardening.

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