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5 ways to increase your Self-Awareness

Health & Wellbeing

“Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong, good or bad”. - Debbie Ford

To be self-aware is to have a clear understanding of who you are, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and it allows you to recognise how others see you.

Even with our 21st century understanding of psychology it’s still easy for us to slip into thinking that understanding of self-awareness is only mumbo-jumbo etc. but when you break it down into everyday life you realise we’ve always known what it is – we just didn’t put a name on it.

Remember that time you were at a party and when the music suddenly stopped your voice was high above all others? You quickly lowered your tone, because you were self-aware. If on the other hand, you continued in your strident way, guests would have whispered behind their hands about how you had no self-awareness. Simple, isn’t it?

Being self-aware in the workplace is a crucial skill for everyone. Here are five key points to help you. 

1. Recognize your purpose in life

Are you meandering through your life - hoping you'll find what you’re looking for? Identify your life purpose and you will have a point to aim for. You’ve a much better chance of getting to where you’re going if you know your destination. 

2. Recognize your values

What do you value in your life? If your goals don’t match up with your purpose you’re still not going to get where you want to be. Since values are an intrinsic part of us, it’s your goals that you will need to revisit.

3. Recognize your needs

We can be hesitant in acknowledging we have needs because there’s a part of us that thinks it’s selfish, it’s self-absorbed, it’s even unnecessary.  Not so. Living your life without being selfish for your own well-being is physically and mentally bad for you. So many people live their lives without realising their dreams and leave this earth with a long list of regrets. Decide that you won’t be one of them. List your top 3 - 5 needs and get them met before it's too late!

4.Recognise your strengths

What are you good at? If you can’t answer that off the top of your head ask yourself what other people tell you you’re good at? If that still doesn’t work, ask your friends and family.

Are you creative, analytical, resourceful? Find ways to express your true self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you share what you know with others.

5. Serve others

Sharing your gifts with others gives your own life a sense of meaning and purpose. Never underestimate the power of giving.


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” - Barack Obama

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