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5 Tips to run Successful Change Management Initiatives

Post date: 
20 November 2019
Change Management

Changing minds to adopt Change Initiatives

  1. Develop their Qi Mindset to embrace change
  2. Give people a purpose to believe in
  3. Reinforce desired behaviour
  4. Actively teach the skills required for change
  5. Role model the Change

1. Qi Mindset to Embrace Change

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all connected. If one of them is impacted they are all impacted.

Think about the people impacted by the Change – are they resistant to Change and why. Resistance can create anger, frustration or lack of commitment for these people.

Tips to help them embrace change and alleviate resistance:

  • If they lack information - communicate more
  • If they feel they aren’t being heard in relation to risks and issues – let them have a voice
  • If they do not understand the reason for the change – explain the reason and benefits of the change

Doing this will assist people to embrace change and develop a positive Qi mindset on accepting change.

2. Give people a purpose to believe in the change

  • Employees will change their attitudes if they understand the case for change.
  • Communication needs to develop a story that reinforces why change is important for the organisation, team and individuals

3. Reinforce the required behaviours

The new behaviours must be introduced through positive reinforcement. This must be supported with:

  • Reporting structures
  • Management
  • Operational processes
  • Performance measures
  • Communication can reinforce by reporting outcomes and sharing employee successes

4. Teaching the skills required for change

Try a four stages approach to teaching the changes required.

  • Listening to instructions
  • Absorbing new information
  • Applying new ways of working
  • Integrating with existing skills and knowledge

5. Role model the change

  • Walking the walk, and talking the talk.
  • Influencers at every level of the change are important
  • Communicate qualities that make an effective role model


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