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Transformation through a Design and Adoption Lens

How utilising complimentary teams such as Change, Design, and Program can deliver business value quickly.

Join Amber McDougall (RACV) for breakfast!

Many companies are either working on cross team collaboration, agile teams or something in between. As a result new teams/ functions and approaches are emerging to solve enterprise problems, whether they be in product development, value proposition development, service or experience design, space design and ways of working or large scale program delivery.

At RACV, a Design & Adoption Team has formed up to support the business to support transformation and rapid change, innovation and reinvention at this point in its lifecycle.

Improving the lives of Members and employees and their experiences are at the heart of the ‘why’ and so it made sense to form this team given the complementarity.

The team have been working across a number of very diverse and exciting projects and optimising their key strengths collectively to deliver unique and fast insights and outcomes for the business.

Amber will share some of the advantages of this approach and share some of the team’s diverse challenges over the past 12 months and how they solved for them.



Wed. 26 June, 2019: 


1 hour


NAB Village, Meeting Space 8, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008




Change Management